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55yr-old boxing champ to make comeback

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"Nigel Benn has been described as the "fittest 55-year-old on planet Earth" as he prepares for a shock ring return.

"The ex-world champion has not fought professionally since November 1996 but will resume his career on 23 November, according to his promoter Mark Peters.

""I wouldn't support Nigel if I didn't believe he was fit to box," he added.

"The British Boxing Board of Control (BBBoc) is against the fight, which will be sanctioned by the rival British and Irish Boxing Authority (Biba)."

Full monty at the BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/boxing/49810169


George Foreman urges caution.

At World Boxing News: https://www.worldboxingnews.net/2019/09/27/george-foreman-caution-nigel-benn/

“But after 49-55, no injuries healed. Slaps on the head caused confusion. So I said no more boxing."

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If he's in good enough shape then good for him.  I just turned 55 and as soon as this torn calf muscle heals I'm going to start running so I can get in good enough shape to skateboard :tu:

(of course my calf muscle tore while walking but I'm sure that means nothing);)

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The Caspian Hare


Boxing not a sport for old(er) guys.

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