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Squirrel asks lady for help

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"According to the Pulaski Police Department, Tia Powell told them she was walking on a trail when she was approached by a squirrel that appeared to be friendly.

"Powell told police the squirrel stood in her way, and she noticed that it was actually trying to get her attention, which is when she said she was led down the trail to a baby squirrel with an injured leg. To make matters more complicated, Powell said a cat was lurking nearby ready to pounce on the helpless animals."

Full monty at Fox9: https://www.fox9.com/news/woman-says-she-was-stopped-by-squirrel-who-tugged-on-her-leg-and-led-her-to-help-its-injured-baby?


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I like this kind of news.  We should have more of it.  It makes me laugh but it is good news.  The wording in the story is funny, though the story is sweet.

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You're such a softie, El.



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