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The Prize for Civility in Public Life

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"House lawmakers Hakeem Jeffries and Doug Collins couldn't be more different."

"They come from drastically different backgrounds, geographic backgrounds, racial backgrounds, political backgrounds and socioeconomic backgrounds.

"And they know that they stand at very opposite sides of the political spectrum from each other," she said.

""But they also know that by finding some form of commonality — whether that's their faith, their taste in music or an appreciation of what the other side for lack of a better term is trying to do — they know that through finding some form of commonality they can overcome those differences to really make a difference for our political landscape and really for the country as a whole."

Full report at NPR: https://www.npr.org/2019/09/27/764817694/game-recognizes-game-a-bipartisan-bond-in-the-age-of-impeachment?sc=tw


The UK wants in on the civility act....

"Civility in Politics award aims to address ‘crisis of trust’"

At the UK Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/sep/27/civility-in-politics-award-aims-to-address-crisis-of-trust

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We need our representatives to drop the partisan drama at the door and become united in representing the citizens instead of fighting as if they are always at war.  The media makes it a big deal so that it bleeds out into the population.  I am glad there are stories like this.  I wonder if Fox, ABC, CBS, CNBC & CNN will mention it.  (probably not and I won't waste time on their webstes looking)

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Their first was a bill to protect songwriters in 2013 — and later the two even posted a joint Spotify list of their favorite songs. However, their much tougher work collaboration came with criminal justice reform signed into law in December that helped shorten sentences for some inmates.

does not seem like vast majority of people will benefit of any of their so called reforms, 

btw "returning a favor" feels a lot like "quid pro quo" at very minimum unethical behavior. 


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