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The Caspian Hare

Houthi rebels claim mass capture of Saudis

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The Caspian Hare

IT's a civil war, so there are competing governments and hence rival defense forces . Which one is the "real" minister depends on which side you think is legitimate.

There are some pictures of people in Saudi uniform, along with what seem to be civilians. Possible some of these are some kind of foreign mercenaries with Saudi officers or advisors.

I'm betting that there was a big operation of some kind and significant Saudi losses, but the Houthis embellishing, possibly quite a bit.

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So, it seems likely that the Houthis have massively exaggerated this military 'victory'. This sort of empty bloated bellicose statements is typical of the Iranians... who are, of course, the Houthis sponsors. 

"Hmmm....... "

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