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Navy UFO-tech engineer patents fusion reactor


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Where do I click the notification bell for lightsabers? 


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Q.1.  WHO is the 'scientist'?  Strangely the article is all shy about that, perhaps with good reason.  It's Salvatore Cezar Pais.

Q.2.  Does he work for the Navy?  It is claimed this is the case, but I can find no evidence of that.

Q.3. Is it possible to make it look like you work for the Navy, simply by putting together some whacko and uncheckable patent and then kindly *assigning* the rights to the Navy?  Yes.

Q.4. To date what patents by Pais have actually materialised into something?

Q.5. Is there currently a bit of a 'war' on between China, Russia and the US (and possibly others) to post patent claims on various weird stuff, that may well simply be designed to get the other parties to waste time and money on dead end research? 

Go on, have a wild guess at Q 4 and 5...  :D


Getting patents is NOT a badge of honour - it is largely meaningless.  The Patent Office does NOT do a full check on whether a patent claim is feasible, AND they have been known to bow to gov't pressure where they really wanted a patent to be granted.  If you think about it, the really valuable secret stuff will NOT be patented.

Frankly, those schematics are largely gibberish embellished with word salad and show nothing of interest.

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There's another thread here about Mr Pais..  It seems this sort of dead-end speculative patent is his thing.


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On 10/10/2019 at 12:20 PM, UM-Bot said:

A US Navy scientist behind numerous exotic technology patents has now patented a compact fusion reactor.


In the Standard Model of Particle Physics there are 3 forces in the universe. Gravity needs to be added to that (because it obviously exists) but no particle for it has ever been detected. With Super-Symmetry there are potentially 16 more forces + another gravity one (if a gravity particle is ever detected).

The general public is far behind where physics is up too, and there are physicists with patents for warp drives etc, using those other forces.

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