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The Ghost Dance

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Soldiers watched as members of the Sioux tribe circled the fire slowly, their eyes closed, their feet padding through the dust. They held hands and chanted. They wept and fainted from exhaustion. The white man had taken their land. Maybe if they danced, God would return it.

The Ghost Dance had spread like a brush fire. Across the Western United States, tribes danced to restore the earth to its former, peaceful majesty, and to unite with their fallen ancestors. Some even hoped it would eliminate the white man.

“I hope to God that reinforcements will come before the red devils make their break,” said one American infantry officer.

The troops watched the dance. It went on for days. It felt foreign, like a threat. It scared them. What was it building toward?

In the end, there would be blood, but it would be on their hands.



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"Kehkaa iite huu tiin  "Knock each other over fools" was our name for this bit of false prophet stupid.

Wovoka was just another screwhead  that needed burning.......

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