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Witnesses and Corroborating Accounts

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The Minnesota incident has bee discussed before

What we do not have is any corroborating witnesses.

There is a patrol car and it is damaged, but the deputy could just as easily have fallen asleep at the wheel.

All there is in the case is one guy "flapping his lips"

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Golden Duck
8 hours ago, Vaz said:

1968 in Nova Scotia, a family experience huge lights in the sky.  One of the lights heads directly for the car.  Expecting a collision, the family brace themselves only for the craft to narrowly miss them travelling in the opposite direction.

This has occurred before.  The case where Officer Val Johnson has a collision with a UFO in his sqaud car in 1979.  The car is still apparrently excatly as is was after the collision.  A fascinating case:


An event in 1968 in a place two thousand miles away from an event in 1979.

That not what I call corroboration.

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