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The vet said

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Vet: "We got  your cat's bladder stones out but he keeps pulling out the catheter so he has to stay another night." 

Me: "why doesn't he have one of those collars on to keep him from doing that?" 

Vet:  "That is so cruel."

Me:  "As opposed to putting him under 3 times to put in another catheter?  No, put the collar on him."

Same Vet: "You need to let me do surgery to make the cat a girl."

Me: "NO!!!"

I took my dog to get a distemper shot and the vet says, "Your 14 year old dog has a heart murmur that may be a sign of heart worm or something else and you need to take care of it but first we need to anesthetize the dog to clean it's teeth."

Me: "You want to anesthetize my dog, who you just said has an unknown heart problem, to clean his teeth?"

Vet: "You wouldn't leave grandma lying on the floor if she fell and broke her hip would you?"

Me:  shouting expletives as I take my dog away.

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