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Painting Jade


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Chapter One 

My Ravine Today

It's true that I have heard whispers close behind my ear. A pointed and rutted tongue spits poison (aka stupidity) I've proposed insanity to the jury of all the voices i hear snickering in my brain. I bet you think I've killed someone. No. Just my nerve endings after day to day dwelling on argument I had with personality 2 and 5. Rather.. Salutations! from a cell grown into a few somethings if you care to take a look. Its bloody madness I SWEAR IT! A passion ridden building castles out of floating dust particles in the pews at Sunday service.Hard to focus when it's you have so many questions but youre just supposed to listen.. and I am indeed was a sucker for a treat when i was a sapling. But now i play tricks. After you've had battles in your mind for hours on end where its so loud its almost in front of you putting on a musical


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