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Jesus is king

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15 hours ago, XenoFish said:

Didn't Jesus say he would come back? Think on that for a while. 


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15 hours ago, XenoFish said:

Think about it. Do whatever you wish, just ask for forgiveness. Look at the catholic church. Look at all the Abrahamic religions. God is the devil. And only atheist get into heaven, because they reject the god of this earth. 

Look at the Left...Hollywood...any politician...just ask forgiveness...

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More on Kanye... Since he is the OP subject.



While I won’t be exchanging my Catholic faith for West’s experiment, I left Los Angeles with these takeaways:

— I believe Kanye is sincere both in his faith and in this effort to spread the Gospel

— Based on the many interviews I did with congregants, before and after the event, I believe these Sunday services will serve to bring young people to an encounter with God.

— These Sunday Services by West will not be a long term substitute for ancient liturgy and other ecclesial traditions, but they may serve as a providential spiritual catalyst for the more than 25 percent of Americans who say they are unaffiliated with any religion.

— Kanye deserves immense credit for being fearless in the face of massive criticism from the entertainment world and others for doing what he is doing.  He says and does what he believes even when this goes against the liberal beliefs of most people in his world.


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