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Still Waters

Experts shed light on Staffordshire hoard

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Still Waters

When an amateur metal detectorist first heard his machine beep in an unpromising field in Lichfield in July 2009 and dug down to uncover gold, it was clear this was no ordinary archaeological discovery.

But who had collected the astonishing stash of gold, garnet weapons and ornaments he had found? Why had they been buried? And why were so many of them broken?

After a decade of conservation and analysis, archaeologists have finally revealed their conclusions about these tantalising questions and others, with the publication of the first major academic research into what became known as the Staffordshire hoard.




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It is only chance that the hoard was not lost for good. The find site is next to a section of road that was changed when the M6 toll road was built, had it been buried just a short distance from where it was found it could have been covered by earth works for the new road.

I lived for several years a few miles from the find site and knew the farmer who owned the field it was discovered in.  

As the saying goes, its a small world:)

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I've been to see the hoard twice and it's even more impressive up close, most detectorist who've been disusing it in detail for many years think it was collected off the battle field by Penda the king of Mercia (where i live) or his sons when they were fighting the Northumbrians.

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