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I'm guessing this is the right forum for this topic.

Anyway, the title is a bit self explanatory really. :lol: anyone been to Prague and got an advice/recommendations?

I'm absolutely buzzing for this trip and I'm flying out this monday coming.:tsu:

Regards, your favourite Welsh poster.

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Yes, it's a really lovely Place. I went on a stag weekend around 15 years back or so but the hotel we were supposed to be staying in near Wenceslas Square had been firebombed (local rivalry dispute) so we ended up in one just over the other side of the river. Nothing fantastic but ample for the needs of the primitive tribe I was with.

Nightlife was brilliant but keep a watchful eye on pickpocketing - usually the prostitutes distract you while you get your back pockets emptied.

Not sure on prices there now but back then it was really cheap. I even didn't mind getting the full round in first :D

Backstreets can be dodgy as you venture further out but that applies to pretty much anywhere unfamiliar.

I'd love to go again but with Mrs Stiff for a hedonistic approach to the place rather than an all out drink fest with neanderthal men.

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