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Still Waters

Woman finds parasitic worms in her eyes

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Still Waters

For only the second time ever in medical literature, a human has contracted a rare infection of Thelazia gulosa – an ocular parasite that turns the eyes into a breeding ground for squiggling worms.

While this is only the second documented case in humans, given both known infections took place within two years of one another, scientists say we could be looking at a newly emerging zoonotic disease type in the US.

In a startling case report documenting the second infection, scientists from the CDC's parasitic diseases division tell the story of a 68-year-old patient from Nebraska who spent her winters in the warmer climate of California's Carmel Valley.

During these sojourns, she enjoyed trail running, which is what she was doing one day in early February 2018, when something unpleasant happened. As she rounded a corner on a steep trail, she ran directly into a swarm of small flies.


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Princess Serenity

Ew. I'm going to stay inside for a month. >.>

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them nematodes are little tinkers,you never know what they'll do next

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