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Trump Is Good Thread ;-)

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3 minutes ago, Gromdor said:

It really does depend on which news channel you watched.  I checked out both Fox and CNN and both are doing a pretty good job highlighting the points that make it seem the way the station leans.

Oh god yes. The Fox coverage is insane theres no way anyone who only takes in fox will ever think Trump did something impeachable. Right now I would argue the inverse is not true of CNN but im sure im in the minority (and that is a fluid thing). MSNBC yeah for sure though :lol:

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Maybe Schiff should call on Prince Andrew. At this point it couldn't hurt.

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9 hours ago, Farmer77 said:

So you can just make stuff up now huh? Yikes. Are you lying or have just been so brainwashed or blinded by hate you actually believe what youre saying? Did you miss the part where I said I watched it live?

Why not throw out some Qanon links to support your position while youre at it?

Damn man im not sure if youre Orwellian post is more insulting to me or to you for being so simple you actually believe it.

Don't be hysterical. All it takes is to ready AOC's statement. ! :D 

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