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420lb stuck pig rescued by firefighters

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"A huge pig had to be put on a stretcher and taken out of an upstairs flat where it was stuck.

"Two-year-old Twiglet, who weighs 30 stone, had been advertised as a ‘micro-pig’ and sold for £60 to a grandma who always wanted a pig.

"She slept on a mattress, was toilet trained to use a litter tray, and was fed on Chinese takeaways, chocolate and porridge.

"At first, she was tiny but she soon ballooned to be larger than a baby elephant.

"Despite her large size, she lived a ‘life of luxury’ in the Rotherham flat for two years, with owner Elaine Edwards refusing to let anyone make bacon sandwich jokes about her."

Full story at the UK Metro: https://metro.co.uk/2019/11/03/firefighters-rescue-30-stone-pig-flat-ate-chinese-takeaways-11035744/?

And at Somerset Live: https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/micro-pig-grew-30-stone-3499573

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That pig needed a nice big yard. Not a tiny flat. :yes:

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Fed on Chinese  takeaway,  chocolate and porridge?   No wonder it was so pig.

Bit of animal abuse there even if the owner thought it was love!  

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My old neighbours bought a"micro pig" it turned out to be a kune kune x Landrake it broke through the fence and went to my mates garden, so he knocked on my neiboughs door and asked them if they wanted to buy 25 stones of bacon if not they better go and get the pig while it's still alive.

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