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Being chased, falling into an abyss, looking into a mirror and seeing that our appearance has been altered; balancing on a high wire with no safety net, unable to get out of a building or sinking into quicksand are classic nightmare story lines. We may awaken shouting, our heart beating fast and sobbing with terror shortly relieved to discover it was only a nightmare.

More: https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/column.php?id=331854

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"Something has breached our psychic defenses"

I have had a few dreams that indicated that and in all of them I stood up to what ever and it left, usually it was represented by people, one woman taking a bath in my bath tub, 3 goons trying to break in to  my house etc.

What about a dream where I am trying to get to work and by noon I am still not at work and for some reason unable to call my boss to tell him or her I will be late?  That is a nightmare I used to have sometimes.  More often for some jobs than others.


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I hate those dreams we are lost and trapped and can`nt  move our body, I have so many of them not moving under concrete or and along of a road  or a city trying to move.  what is it but self analysis? a fear fear  of being  lost:?  

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I've always had nightmares where I am taking an exam and my fingers feel like they have taffy or peanut butter on them, basically, immobilized and the test clock is going ridiculously fast.  Almost as soon as the proctor had handed out the exam, they are asking for it back and I haven't even filled out my name.  That and I have some that I am looking for some thing/place/one in particular but find all kinds of bootleg places or people that are almost like what I am looking for but they are not it.  Very trying nightmares.

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