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Australia's shellfish reefs roar back to life

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"At a secret location, nine metres under Port Phillip Bay, divers are combing a newly created oyster reef with a high-powered camera.

"Up on the dive boat, the pictures on the video screen are a window into Bob Pearce's teenage years in the 1960s — before overfishing, pollution and disease wiped out 99 percent of Australia's shellfish reefs within a few decades.

""We were left with a marine desert," he says.

"But this two-year-old reef is teeming with life — created from seafood shells collected from restaurants that would have otherwise ended up in landfill."

Full article at ABC (Australia): https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-11-09/project-brings-near-dead-reefs-back-to-life-across-australia/11681904

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Mmmhm.  Interesting story, but the headline reads like something Morrison/Trump and other deniers would post as 'proof' there's no climate change...  Perilously close to clickbait, but I'll let it pass! :D

Interestingly, dredging and trawling, if done 'properly' can in some regions be quite healthy and actually promote regrowth and diversity.  SA's Spencer Gulf Prawn industry, and some of the newer practises in the North Sea, are very well managed.

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