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The Eternal Flame

Dreams about abyss demon of gluttony and vice

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The Eternal Flame

Few years from now i was making different dream sachet in witchcraft and one of my first dream sachet made me abyss dreams where i meet different demon in the dream realm.

I can remember the first dream it was the best one of the numerous dreams i made but was this first dream an deadly invitation of evil into abyssal dream maybe related to hell.

So in the first dream i was in a lost town but with people and stores so i enter this shop to go pee put i pee everywhere on my sox and shoes.

afther i go out and i was with this little dog who appear always in nightmare whe was going down a hill and bad boy fell into an abyss and diseappear. Afther i got in my grand-father car and they was an abyss who oppened on the passenger side i almost fell in it but i was lucky enought to get out of this situation.

The end of the dream im lost in a town miles from home i must walk back home im exausted.

In one of the next dream i meet a gluttonous lady who was snacking while listening tv i think it was a demon of vice and gluttony the real deal, i mean hell exist and there where all these demon from abyss.

I had at the time and encyclopedia of occultism and they was a section about dreams and the danger of making abyssal dreams finnally came true when i almost die of a heart seizure after meeting my last demon of hell before stop abyssal dreams.

In those dreams i have meet different demon but english is my second language, i think some of us will end in this dimmension of hell once whe die for those who must end there in aftherlife.

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