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Still Waters

Skeleton of world's oldest meat-eating dino

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Still Waters

An amazingly well-preserved skeleton of the world's oldest-known meat-eating dinosaur has been unearthed in the south of Brazil. 

The predator named 'Gnathovorax cabreirai' lived 230 million years ago when South America was still part of the supercontinent called Pangaea.

The skeleton is virtually intact — and includes razor-sharp teeth and claws that would have made it a ferocious killer. Its genus name means 'ravenous jaws'.

Experts were even able to reconstruct the dinosaur's brain — showing that it would have had good eyesight and co-ordination.

This would have made it an 'apex predator' which sat at the top of the food chain, said biologist Rodrigo Muller of Brazil's Federal University of Santa Maria.


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