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Mr Walker

Second home run

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Mr Walker

 As the last thread on  this was closed. I need to start a new one 

After successfully finding the librarians lost chain, the son of another librarian heard of this, and asked if I could find an envelope with  "a lot"  of money in it He had been collecting $5 notes and when he went on holidays forgot where he had put them. They had been lost for many months. 

Immediately  i said, "bed mattress" and explained that the envelope was adjacent to his bed mattress. (i figured, having had this flash,  that  maybe he hid it there between the mattresses and forgot ) 

anyway, today i walk into the library to hear the news   

On my advice the bed was taken apart  

The envelope  was found, not between the mattresses, but lying adjacent/right up against  the side of the mattress, and held in place by a bedside cabinet


it contained $250 dollars in 5 notes.

Now there is only the third object that I have been asked to find, by a third librarian. 

 A  lost school key.

I've told her it is in an envelope in a desk, or small set of drawers, close to a pad of note paper, which is either scented, or has images of roses on it. 

She has been too busy to look yet, but said that would make sense  She had put the key away for safe keeping, then forgot where she put it. She confirmed that she had put in in an envelope, and that there was a desk with writing  material where it would have been logical to put it, but the desk was in a big mess 

Hopefully, when she looks, she will find it.  


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Mr Walker

you are laughing 8 bits. :) 

Care to make any more meaningful comment ? 

Again this is a case capable of verification. It just happened today (well i was just told of it today)  and again there are a number of witnesses 

No  I am not going to ask them to confirm it, but I know it is real, and that there are witnesses 

Half a dozen peole heard me say the envelope was resting next to, or on,  a mattress. Half a dozen people can confirm that it was found there as soon as the mattress was checked.

People had been looking for it, without luck, for over 6 months. They  found it in seconds when told where to look.  

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Daughter of the Nine Moons
2 hours ago, Mr Walker said:

 As the last thread on  this was closed. I need to start a new one 


If the thread was closed, then no you do not need to start another one.

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