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MS investigates Israel facial recognition Co.

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"Microsoft is investigating claims that facial recognition technology developed by an Israeli startup it funded violates its ethics code after it was allegedly used to surveil Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

"The Washington-based company said on Friday that it had hired Eric Holder, the former US attorney general, to take on the probe along with a team from law firm Covington & Burling.

"AnyVision, an Israeli tech startup based outside Tel Aviv, has been accused by human rights groups of seeking to place Palestinians under surveillance using its sophisticated facial recognition technology."

Full report at Middle East Eye: https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/microsoft-investigate-work-israeli-facial-recognition-technology-it-funded


"As part of its $74 million deal with Microsoft, the Israeli startup agreed to abide by the company’s six ethical principles in developing and using its “advanced tactical surveillance” technology, Better Tomorrow.

"Those principles include fairness, non-discrimination, notice and consent, transparency, accountability, and lawful surveillance."

At Gizmodo: https://gizmodo.com/microsoft-taps-eric-holder-to-audit-anyvision-over-conc-1839901828

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and then

Interesting.  On one hand, they DID agree to guidelines/rules but on the other, these rules in THAT setting seem ridiculous.  If a technology would make my kids safer simply by flagging people who have already attacked or killed others in the past (for example) the idea of ignoring that potential for the sake of PC issues is moronic.  Those people live in life and death situations DAILY. I think Microsoft should pound sand on this one unless proof is available that the Israeli startup is selling data or otherwise taking economic advantage of the Palestinians.  If the tech is being used just to find bad guys then so be it.

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