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BEWARE, the spirited Sheep!

Mark One

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I feel that it's time to take action against those sheep fellas. They are not what they appear, folks.  Just take into account the noise which they all make.

After 20 years of intense study & research, I've reached the conclusion that sheep are secretly practicing War Games.


Sheep clearly love the sound of machine guns and are preparing some kind of world takeover with that weapon in mind.  And whilst I've got your attention I must also warn you about para-sheeps!  


Doesn't all of that wool act as the perfect disguise for a mass airborne invasion of cloudy weapon ready quadrupeds?  And what are you going to do when you spot all of those bizarre small cloud formations?  Yes, that's right - you're going to count them.  And we all know what happens when you begin counting sheep - you fall asleep!


NEXT WEEK:. My worrying discoveries about the humble mooing cow.

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52 minutes ago, acute said:

I like my sheep young.

with mint sauce.

Lamb and rice wrapped in grape leaves with mint sauce. It's Iranian KFC......YUM! ^_^

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