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MIT deepfakes Nixon's Moon disaster speech


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"How can we be sure that historic events happened the way we think they did"? Just like with all the historic data we have from before the mass media. There were a plenty of disinformation and fakes, and yet the historians have sorted it out. Just have several sources who have no gain from telling the same fake story, and if they are still telling the same story, then it's obviously a fact. That's the scientific method. Pictures on a screen, whoever they show, are for the masses who would worship a ski pole if emotionally manipulated. Deepfakes will never change facts gained from reliable sources. And even if they eventually will... Would it make our crops not to grow and cows to go extinct? I guess not. Whatever lies we are told, whatever information we are denied of by the powers that be, we are still physically free, that means we can make food and shelter, see the world and enjoy life we make with our own hands. All we need is to moderate our greed. Simple life is still a life, and can be lived happily. Happiness is about things other than grandeur and conquering. If it's the end of civilization, let that civilization fall, I won't cry over the civilization of lies, bans and manipulation.

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To me, this wasn't even remotely convincing. But, given time...

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You have to trust the messenger, it's always been that way...Even before 'deep fake' tech existed.
I trust websites like Snopes, for example.

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Nixon had backup speeches in case the astronauts were stranded on the moon and for failure in space.

This is just a mock up of one of them.

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"how can we believe anything we see"? Because if they really wanted to lie about something, the person in question being filmed would just make a real lie video and be done with it. If it's a fake they don't endorse, they will say as much.

The worst thing I can see this tech accomplishing is putting famous people in embarrassing situations they would deny being in - so nothing new really.

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