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Reimplant ectopic pregnancy or face charges

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"A Bill to ban abortion introduced in the Ohio state legislature requires doctors to “reimplant an ectopic pregnancy” into a woman’s uterus, or face charges of “abortion murder”.

"A procedure to reimplant an ectopic pregnancy does not exist in medical science, and this is the second time practicing obstetricians and gynecologists have tried to tell the Ohio legislators that the idea is currently medically impossible."

Full story at the UK Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/nov/29/ohio-extreme-abortion-bill-reimplant-ectopic-pregnancy

And at the Insider dot com: https://www.insider.com/ohio-abortion-ban-proposal-can-you-reimplant-ectopic-pregnancies-2019-11


"Republican lawmakers in Ohio have proposed a bill that would make it possible in some cases for both abortion providers and pregnant people who obtain abortions to be put to death."

Full monty at ReWire News: https://rewire.news/ablc/2019/11/20/ohio-bill-creates-new-felonies-for-abortion-murder/

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Why don't they just make a law that its okay to kill women for a miscarriage? Because that's where this is headed. This doesn't exist, you cannot "reimplant" an ectopic pregnancy and to attempt to do so would lead to infertility, infection and deaths. Most lawmakers couldn't draw a uterus and yet they feel fine imposing their idiocy on women. Shameful, stupid and sexist.

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