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Paranormal existence.

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14 hours ago, Jodie.Lynne said:

And there, is the quintessential need for belief: the fear of death and dissolution.

One is born into a world that has existed before your arrival. One lives for a time, and then dies. The world goes on without you.

For example.

You get a job at a major corporation that has been around since before you were born, You work there for 20 years, do good work, and receive the rewards of your efforts. Then you retire. Does the company fold because you left? Nope. It was making profits before you came along, and will probably continue after you're gone.


Strangely my journey has led me in a different direction. I believe whatever is personal dies with the body, and persuing spirit in light of that is difficult for the flesh.

I believe one is eternal, and no part of this world, some would describe this as god. By denying the self (which includes ideas about a personal afterlife or even existing) one can come into union with this spirit, and see its glory. If you become so close that its will overtakes your own you cease to exist personally and become an image; truly alive for the first time. One could say this is what it is to be born again though not popularly.

So, no, I don't have faith because of fear of death or disappearing. I can't survive death, but the will of god stands forever.

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