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Still Waters

Man in Maine killed by own gun booby trap

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Sir Wearer of Hats
3 hours ago, aztek said:

best boobytrap- two rottweilers ,

thou i do understand why he put one there, if house is not always occupied,  squatters either destroy it, or some a bit smarter ones take over. and it cost quite  a penny and months to get them out,  then repair the house,  my summer house always has power on, internet hooked up, ip cameras and security contract. 

Two Rottweilers and a sign saying “warning, dangerous DOG on site”.

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39 minutes ago, aztek said:

lol, that is absolutely NOT true, a company that sells dog signs can write anything they want, it does not make it true.  in reality it is pretty complicated, and in vast majority of cases you ARE liable if your dog bites someone.  especially when it comes to civil court.  

it is easier to be not found liable for shooting someone, than for having your dog bite someone

Yeah, it is complicated and varies from state to state, guess it's more for the lawyers to dig and claw at... 

I must say I agree with the fella on the linked site though... 


Although I’m not a lawyer, I will say this: Even if your state doesn’t claim any written protection for you or your dog through signage, in my opinion, warning people is still a good idea. The mere fact that you have a sign up may prevent people from trespassing for fear of getting bit. That alone potentially lessens your chances of being sued. Also, having signs posted warning people of the dangers of entering your property may still potentially lessen your liabilities, even if your state doesn’t specifically say it will.

In the end, it depends on the dogs and their owners I guess... 


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