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Mr Clever accused of "mansplaining"

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"It was meant as an innocuous joke to amuse young children.

"But on Monday Mr Men found itself at the centre of a sexism storm when a feminist academic condemned a gag as an example of "mansplaining".

"The claims centre on a conversation between Mr Clever and Little Miss Curious, and a pun about the Forth Bridge in Scotland.

"An exasperated Mr Clever explains the Unesco site is so-called because of the Forth River, after Little Miss Curious asks “what happened to the First, the Second and the Third Bridges”"

Full report at the UK Telegraph: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/12/02/mr-men-centre-sexism-row/

And at Perth Now (Aus): https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/world/mr-men-accused-of-sexism-after-mr-clevers-joke-for-kids-about-forth-bridge-sparks-feminist-anger-ng-b881400178z

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If I'd been writing the newspaper story on his, I;d have chosen the headline "snowflake spotted in Stirling" :D  

Seriously, she's a dumb ignorant nobody and thankfully that's her 15 minutes of fame all done.  It's shown her up as a fool.

But I too want to know what happened to the First, Second and Third rivers!

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Montmorency the Dog

Who are these feminists and how do they find all these things to get outraged about? They must have a worldwide intelligence network.  Don't these sad, pathetic people have anything better to do than get Outraged about everything?

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Golden Duck

I think she missed something in the story...




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