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Still Waters

Buried Viking ship found using aerial radar

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Still Waters

Ground-penetrating radar recently revealed a Viking Age ship hidden beneath the topsoil of a farm near the former town of Edøy in western Norway. The ship would have held the body of an ancient Norse leader along with weapons, loot, and other items. Nearby, the remains of postholes mark the ghostly outlines of two longhouses. The find could offer a wealth of information about ancient shipbuilding and Norse burial rites.

The outline of the ship shows up clearly in the radar images, circled by the remains of a ditch that once surrounded a burial mound. "This is a very common trait for grave mounds," archaeologist Dag-Øyvind Solem, of the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU), told Ars. "In addition to having a potentially symbolic meaning, it is thought that [ditches] have the very practical function of making the mounds seem bigger than they really were."



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That sounds exciting, i use lidar at the moment it only covers about 60% of the country but you can get an image next to a satellite image for comparison, there's loads of anomalies that aren't visible on the satellite image, i'm metal detecting a track shown on lidar tomorrow that runs from the site of a monastery that's been completely rubbed out to a Saxon church that was modernised in the 12th century that also has a pre christian holy well next to it.

Here's the small remote church.


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