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Bundy Jr a poet ?

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Over a year ago I read on a history forum that there was a facebook page that got quickly deleted/shut down because it was giving out details about Ted Bundy's daughter Rose (where she lives now, the name she now uses etc) and it also claimed Rose/Rosa lives in the UK and writes poetry under the pseudonym 'Amapola White' and has even released a book of poetry under that name.

Some of the poems can be read online and are pretty much melancholy, angry, Sylvia Plath wannabe type poems. https://www.poetrysoup.com/poems_poets/poems_by_poet.aspx?ID=94683

The fact that 'White' also has a twitter page (which says she lives in Swanage) made me think that it's probably not anyone Bundy related as they'd probably not have social media (reminded me of the girl falsely claiming to be Bundy's grandaughter https://www.dailydot.com/irl/tiktok-teen-ted-bundy-granddaughter/) also the so called 'experts' that are on any Bundy thread say she lives in Oklahoma, USA and uses the first name Abigail.

Yet just after all this info came out the British press then claimed to have tracked her down and she IS living in the UK not the US https://www.pressreader.com/usa/globe/20190301/281827170040262

The twitter page around this time looks to have stopped being active and the last tweet was creepily a song with the title 'Goodbye Cruel World', yet looking through the tweets the poet does seem to have some connection to UK reality girl group Loaded Sista so maybe they could shed some light on who she is. Could Bundy's daughter really be a sensitive poet ? I'm still doubtful. The only video I could find on her is here at 14:12 


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