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Black magic possible on clothing

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So this may sounds dumb, but I do not know too much about black or white magic so here it goes,

So I recently cut ties with a close friend of mine that I have known well for 10 years. It was us just parting ways, doing different things and moving on with our lives. There is no ill intent or hate behind this parting of ways, just a bit of envy from her end, atleast that is what I feel.

Also earlier this year we both went on a euro trip together and she forgot to bring a night shirt and pjs, so I had brought extra and gave her one of my night shirts. She wore this night shirt for the entire 2 week trip and coming back home she wanted to give it back I said it's okay you can keep it now it's yours.

I can't help but remember that last year she was going through some personal family problems and wanted some answers and guidance and she told me she went to this psychic, medium guy at the mosque (she is Muslim) who can tell if someone has done black magic or any curse on you by checking your palms and from an item of clothing that she has slept in, somehow and for some reason, he needs that too!! He told her someone has done black magic on her and it's someone in her family.

Now I don't know if he is right or anything but now she has my t shirt in her house, can that effect me in any way? can anything be transfered or can anyone in her family or her, somehow use my shirt to do black magic on me as well? Or cause it is so worn out by her, my scents and whatever on the shirt is now gone and nothing towards me would work on it?

I know it sounds dumb, but I don't know why my gut keeps telling me about the shirt and my mind keeps going there...

I don't know who to talk to about why this keeps popping up without looking pretty crazy, so can anyone can answer and clarify any of this?



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Kittens Are Jerks

Magic is the ability to manipulate supernatural forces. But as no compelling evidence has ever been put forth for supernatural phenomenon, how could anyone have the ability to manipulate something that does not exist? Black magic, curses, and even palmistry, are all woo nonsense, much like psychic mediums. The latter are charlatans who deceive and manipulate people for profit. It wouldn't surprise me if the jerk also told your friend he could help lift the curse for an additional fee.

So my answer to your questions is NO, your gut is wrong, and none of that nonsense will affect or impact you in any way. Don't fall into the psychological mind games trap whereby you start associating events and the like with what your friend told you, because then you will really make yourself crazy with all sorts of paranoid, nonsensical thoughts. 

So, pull yourself together, tell your friend that you don't buy what the so-called psychic medium told her, and that you wish to hear no more of it.

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