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How will Impeachment play out?

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13 hours ago, and then said:

It's a phenomenon of the effect of media propaganda.  Human beings, even the most dedicated cannot sustain such a level of hatred for this long.  I don't believe they are capable of backing down, now.  I also think that his victory made them realize that their past actions were going to get outed and they knew they had to dirty him up, and quickly.  If Durham issues a few indictments I think they will literally sponsor violent demonstrations.  They cannot risk a single person to face serious prison time and make a deal that pushes Obama under a bus.

You'd think they can't maintain the hate when they know their reasons for it are full of crap but they are hating still. I'm the beginning I think they thought they could just get him out of the way easily. Be rid of the nuisance. As I said, heaps of hubris but now they hate him because they can't beat him. I've always found their contrived talk of the "grave danger he poses to our democracy", well contrived I guess but the thing is that we would've never heard a blip about Russia or anything if he'd have lost. I mean if it's really that important, if it were truly treasonous they would've prosecuted him even if he lost but they wouldn't have. Trump would've just been a big loser they made fun of forever laughed at for believing he stood a chance.

It was an insurance policy and she was never supposed to lose.

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