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White House locked down unexplained radar

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Secret missile launchers were uncovered. Fighter jets scrambled into the air. The White House went into lockdown. This was not a drill.

Last week, the Battle of Washington DC was just a hair-trigger away.

It was 8.27am on November 26 when air-defence computers picked up something unexpected.

It was an unidentified target. It was a “slow-moving blob” relentlessly flying towards the heart of the US capital.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t supposed to be doing that.

Washington DC is surrounded by a rigorously enforced “no-fly zone”. The events of September 11, 2001, are forever in that nation’s mind. So, an “Aircon Yellow” alert was issued.

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Those dang ducks flocks are getting out of hand... 


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Montmorency the Dog

That's quite interesting./ The Battle of Los Angeles all over again. I bet it was that blinking Trump balloon, wasn't it. 


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