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Hubble Spots Galaxy’s Dramatic Details

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Hubble Spots Galaxy’s Dramatic Details



Some of the most dramatic events in the universe occur when certain stars die — and explode catastrophically in the process.

Such explosions, known as supernovae, mainly occur in a couple of ways. In one scenario, a massive star depletes its fuel at the end of its life, becoming dynamically unstable and unable to support its bulk, causing it to collapse inward and violently explode.

arrow3.gif Read More: NASA


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That is most likely the most incredible photograph I have ever seen.  Absolutely awesome!  It's hard for me to actually wrap my head around...okay..it is impossible for me to wrap my head around...

...imagine a Sahara sand storm...freeze frame the sand storm..take one grain of sand and take a close up picture of it...Space isn't even really big...it is infinitely big.

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