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World’s largest printed structure completed

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"Chinese 3D printing specialist WinSun has completed what it says is the world’s largest printed structure: a 432m-long revetment wall for a river in the town of Suzhou in the northern outskirts of Shanghai.

"The wall, about 1.5m high, creates a flood defence along the waterway, which connects the Beijing–Hangzhou Grand Canal with Shanghai’s Huangpu River.

"The company, which is also known as Yingchuang Building, says it assembled the structure from printed modules, which allowed it to follow the river’s curves more easily and cheaply than would have been possible with conventional techniques."

Full report at Bimplus UK: http://www.bimplus.co.uk/news/worlds-largest-printed-structure-completed-chinese/

And at Youtube (4 mins):


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