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Restoring Scotland's peat bogs

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"The burning Amazon rainforests, with their jaguars, monkeys and colourful birds, have grabbed global attention in a way the destruction of the world's mossy peatlands never has.

"Yet protecting the world's peatlands, which store at least twice as much carbon as forests, is critical in the fight against climate change.

"Peatlands, also known as bogs, are created when the remains of plants are submerged in waterlogged lands, turning them over time into peat with the plants' carbon still stored inside.

"They cover around 3% of the world's land and are found in 175 countries, mostly in northern Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.

"Scotland has a particularly high coverage, with bogs amounting to 20% of it's of land (roughly 1.7 million hectares) mainly in its lesser-populated north and western islands."

Full report at DW: https://www.dw.com/en/scotland-restores-its-peatlands-to-keep-carbon-in-the-ground/a-50915166


"The restoration of the Flow Country peatlands has created a vital carbon sink and a thriving habitat for a range of species"

At the Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/nov/27/scotlands-peat-bogs-reveal-their-secret-strength-carbon-aoe

Peatland restoration at Scot-Gov: https://soils.environment.gov.scot/resources/peatland-restoration/

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In the article it mentions peatlands cover around 3% of the worlds lands so when you consider Scotlands coverage of peatland is around 20% that is an enormous percentage , what a great quite achievement. 

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What they forget to mention is that much of today's peat bog used to be forest ....  until humans arrived to chop the trees down.  

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