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pseudoarchaeology, scholorship, and popular..

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Sorry about the title cut off, it was just too long...

Pseudoarchaeology, scholorship, and popular interests in the past in the present


Novembers issue of the SAA Archaeological Record... full of all sorts of interesting alternative archaeology.

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@Harte posted this in another thread. The articles show many of the flaws in alternative archaeology and how many of the members of the fringe twist the facts or just pull up long forgotten and disproven ideas without doing any real field research.  

 What fringe followers don't get, but is pointed out in this is field work is mostly voluntary.  Coming out of the participants pockets. Grants cover some costs by no money is made, just spent in the end. With fringies they don't do any fieldwork. Just write books to sell and hold lectures which they charge money for. Many accusing us field researchers of "covering up facts" to justify their own lack of evidence.....Fringe archaeology is nothing but another con game and should be considered criminal like every other con game. 


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