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Flock of birds falls dead from the sky


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If you figure it out, let someone here in Texas know. They’re an invasive species here, outcompeting our native species for all kinds of resources.

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This is kind of a random idea which i am sure has nothing to do with it but this made me think of how natural gas leaks can drop an airplane and also birds unidirectional respiration sensitive to such things... What happens when a flock of birds flies into a gas concentration?

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The answer to this is....... almost certainly........... like 99.9% certain...

testing 5G

People don't seem to realise what damage 5G is going to do to birds, insects and human health..

We are sleep walking into a nightmare of mass surveillance, invisible radio wave pollution and
environmental damage hitherto unknown  - this could not be more serious...

I am also 99.9% sure that the Authorities already know what caused the starling deaths but will
not be telling the public...

Had a little search on Anglesey 5G  (where the poor birds were killed)

and this came up..... from 2 years ago.. 

it's evidence that backs up what I just said... 





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They are going to try and cover up what happened in Anglesey and will try to cover up the devastating effects
of 5G on human health, animals, birds, insects and trees... basically on living matter...
because 5G is integral for ''''future plans''''' for human society... plans being made outside the democratic
process... smart cities, driverless cars etc.... 5G has the capacity to be a weapon - it depends on the power
that is used and the frequencies...

this is a Facebook group with info and there's a post about the Anglesey mass death of starlings ...


Starlings have suffered a similar fate in other places..... in the Netherlands for example...
random link about bird deaths and 5G in the Netherlands

I was thinking why it is starlings that we hear about... and I think it's because they are dense flocks
of small bodied birds.... so their deaths are noticed whereas other birds are also affected but it's not
so obvious.... like a few sparrows that would get picked up by foxes quite quickly, perhaps...?



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While children are being scared half to death about alleged Man Made Climate Change.....
Most activists and environmentalists are not taking any notice of 5G....




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and trees....... thousands / millions will be cut down to make way for 5G.... it's already happening..
trees get in the way of the 5G transmission...

random link - Further Proof That Trees are being Chopped Down for 5G

people love nature, birds, animals, and love having good health (body and mind).....
but don't realize what is round the corner with 5G....

it's not going to be OUT THERE SOMEWHERE...... it's going to be EVERYWHERE....
including the lamp post outside your house... there will be no escape from it...

I know this all sounds very dramatic if you haven't heard about the negative affects of 5G...
but there's a reason that the negative affects are kept quiet... while it's being 'rolled out'...
so it's not stopped and then it will be too late ..... :(


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Pigeons sometimes"fall"out of the sky when they fly near my pigeon hide ................ athough not as often as id like

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