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Sandy Hook remembered

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"Families of the victims of Sandy Hook commemorated the mass shooting's seventh anniversary on Saturday with a stark reminder to the public: "[It] could happen to a kid you love.""

Full report at ABC: https://abcnews.go.com/US/sandy-hook-shooting-victims-gun-violence-commemorate-7th/story?id=67735556


"They were children themselves when they lost siblings, friends, and schoolmates in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

"Too young to comprehend the massacre, they spent years in shock and denial.

"Seven years later, some young people in Newtown, still struggling with the trauma, are emerging as new voices for school safety and gun violence prevention.

"The activism, they say, has been a way to turn something horrific into something positive."

Full article at Time: https://time.com/5750267/sandy-hook-shooting-activism/



"Newtown High School wins state football championship on Sandy Hook shooting anniversary"

At CBS: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/newtown-high-school-wins-state-championship-on-sandy-hook-shooting-anniversary/

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I’ll never forget that day. I was driving just seconds from home when I heard it on the radio. Strange thing happened, I instantly began to shut down mentally. It was just to big, and to close to home. 

I nearly completely put it out of my mind when I stopped myself. These kids deserved more from their countrymen then indifference. I forced myself to look and to listen. Made myself imagine it was me waiting to here if my son had died. Or worse. 

I don’t know a single person involved, but I will always offer my support. 

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and then

Every time one of these stories breaks, the horror and empathy are natural responses but in this case it was so overwhelming that I couldn't come to terms with it.  I still can't grasp what could have motivated a young man to target first graders.  The way he did this took away even the ability to ask any questions.  His mother seems to have been the most proximate "villain" that enabled the act, even if unwittingly, and he killed her FIRST.

RIP little ones.

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I feel bad for the parents of Sandy hook because daily they have to be harassed by people like Wolfgang Halbig and Sandy Hook Truthers, and have been for years.

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