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Youngest Mayor in America sworn in


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"The youngest mayor in America was sworn in Sunday evening in southeast Texas.

"At just seven months old, William Charles "Charlie" McMillian was inaugurated as honorary Mayor of Whitehall.

"Nearly 150 people celebrated the mayor at the Whitehall Community Center.

"Mayor Charlie was elected to serve the Whitehall community in Grimes County back in October.

"Each year the position of mayor is auctioned off at the Whitehall Volunteer Fire Department BBQ Fundraiser."

Full monty at KWTX: https://www.kwtx.com/content/news/Youngest-mayor-in-America-inaugurated-in-southeast-Texas-566241461.html


"Charlie's adoptive mother, Nancy, told Newsweek that Charlie is tolerant of all partisan groups and proudly touts the political slogan, "Make America Kind Again.""

At Newsweek: https://www.newsweek.com/youngest-mayor-america-inaugurated-7-months-old-while-wearing-tuxedo-texas-1477547

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Click-bait... an actual mayor and honorary mayor are entirely different things.

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