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Lessons from the other side

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On the night of 6/12/2018 my wife and I were in our living room watching TV when, to her shock and horror, she noticed that I was dead. I was sitting upright, eyes slightly open, unable to hear or respond to her. She checked my pulse and there was none, so she called 911 and began CPR.

More: https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/column.php?id=333168

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I find this person's conclusions interesting.   I have gone through the same thoughts and experiences in discussions that he describes, but have not have not come back from a death experience so my conclusions are different.  In fact the description of someone pounding on the table is something I witnessed when two friends had an argument.  I walked in in the middle when one was pounding on the table saying "Prove this isn't real!" and the other said, "I don't know how to prove it to you, I just know it isn't, it is our consciousness that makes it up."  At which point the materialist walked out.

There was a chapter in a book called Life 101 entitled "Everything is nothing pretending to be something"  The chapter was just the basic description of atoms and the relative amount of space between each atom that makes up a molecule, etc.  I loved that book.  Another chapter was "Nothing is personal".  It was actually a book that guided you through cognitive therapy, or maybe was a primer for that.  I don't think the original is in print any more.

To begin with, my experience seems to confirm a view I have held for over twenty years and have written about previously. Most people, whether they realize it or not, are philosophical materialists, possibly because our ruling elites have literally programmed us for this. They believe that the primary reality is matter, or, in the parlance of modern physics, mass/energy/space/time... the measurable physical universe. Of course, no one can ultimately define matter; at best we can rather imperfectly describe it. Materialists believe that mind/spirit/consciousness is a mere secondary manifestation of matter, with the brain being a kind of electrochemical computer. If pressed, a materialist may do something like pounding on a table and claiming that it is solid and real because he can see and touch it.


Aside from the fact that quantum mechanics assures us that matter is not really solid in any conventional sense, how does the materialist really know with absolute certainty that the table is real, independent of his mind? How does he know that he can see and touch it? The answer is that he only thinks that it is real. But thought is what a mind does; in fact, a mind is composed of thoughts. In other words, the only thing any of us can be absolutely certain of is that we think, that consciousness exists. Yet materialists, imagining that they are being tough minded, scientific, and coldly rational, insist that matter, whose independent existence cannot be proven, is the prime reality, and consciousness or spirit (I use these terms interchangeably) is scarcely real at all. On the face of it, isn't this backward reasoning?

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There are many on here who are always shouting 'proof' and this thread will give them an opportunity to respond. However, I dont think they can deny that mostly our reality is space and physicality is an illusion.

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