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You don't have a soul

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30 minutes ago, WanderingFool0 said:

To say something is measurable and to say we have a sensor to see it is two different things. If we can really see this dark matter than what is it? what is it made of? does it contain particles? How do those particles function?

Those are great questions. The answer is we don't know. 

But the "doubtful claim" was :

On 2/12/2020 at 11:02 AM, sci-nerd said:

Everything that interacts with our physical reality is measurable today.

My rebuttal was due to the fact that we are indeed measuring the phenomenon.

We don't exactly know what causes gravity, but we can measure the effects and describe them.

People who posit a soul existing cannot describe any physical properties of it. Claiming it is non physical doesn't really get us anywhere further to understanding what it is, what it's made of or how it interacts with the known physical world. 

I would apply all the questions you posed of dark matter to the concept of a soul.


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14 hours ago, Mr Walker said:

Doubtful claim

That would mean our science was as advanced as it is possible to be, and our technologies and measuring instruments could not be improved. 

That flies in the face of history and modern scientific development.

  Not only will science and technology continue to advance so that things like cancer will be eliminated. cars will be self  driving and solar powered but most humans will  just teleport for transport ;) but this will bring huge unseen social and economic changes.  

quarks are the smallest thing currently measurable, but this will not last. 


Quarks might be the smallest things we know of, but is there a limit on how small things can be? Our current theories break down at a scale called the Planck length, which is 100 quintillion times smaller than the size of a proton, or 1034 times smaller than Alice! To go smaller than this, we’d need entirely different physics theories. While it’s not possible to “see” anything at this limit using our eyes or microscopes or any other method, physicists are exploring this tiny edge using lots of mathematical tools.


preons, superstrings, space time foam? Plank length ?

Yes, I should have made it clear that it was my opinion/estimate that everything that exists is measurable. My estimation is based on skepticism towards dark matter and "strings". I doubt they exist. Exotic high energy particles too, although they can potentially come into existence (I doubt they ever will).
The smallest things that exist, or will ever exist, (IMO) are quarks.

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