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Manwon Lender

Catholic Church hid Nazi / SS War Criminals

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Manwon Lender
13 hours ago, Alchopwn said:

Back to the topic of Catholic Clergy and the Catholic Church hiding Nazis, I thought this was pretty unequivocal and common knowledge?  I mean, the Church was very pro-Fascist after Mussolini reached an accommodation with the Pope about giving him sovereignty over the Vatican State (all 110 acres of it).  This was after Garibaldi captured Rome and the Pope was unwilling to recognize a united Italy for decades.  This was also in the face of the perceived threat from Communism, which was a declared enemy of all religion.  This carried on into the Pope supporting Franco during the Spanish Civil war, and there is zero doubt that the Church also helped spread fascism in South America.  It should also be pointed out that Hitler was a baptized Catholic.  While the Church was officially neutral during WW2, the fact is, it had a vested interest in stopping Communism's spread, and that meant it leaned pro-Fascist.  This is a pretty unequivocal fact, and should be a surprise to nobody.  The real question is... To what extent did this translate into covert support from the Vatican for th Ratlines?  Well, multiple authors claim they have found the smoking gun that implicates the Vatican directly.  Is it really such a leap, given the history of Catholicism with Fascism?  Ideologically, Fascism was seen as a return to a more feudal approach to society by the Church, and that was when Catholicism was at its height... the feudal period.  Is it any wonder that this was something they saw as desirable?  I'm just glad they failed, because bucolic feudal idiocy is not something I relish.

If you go back and look at some of the information I provided to will see exactly how this information points to the Vatican. But not only the Vatican, but it arm which is the European Red Cross. Between these organizations, and Bishops who were part of the Vatican the most wanted War Criminals in Europe were hidden as Monks and then transported to South America and other places some were located in the Middle East. So as I have already stated the Ratlines were run by members of the Vatican, the only question that should be asked is how much involvement did the Pope personally have.

This question should become more clear in March of this year, when the Vatican is going to release all its files from the Middle 1930s to the early 1950s. Concerning the Churches role in both supporting the Nazis and on how they supported immigration before and during the war years, and for a number of years after.


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