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Thou shalt not steal...


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A burglar has just slipped into a splendid villa. While stealing valuable objects, he suddenly hears a little voice that says:
"Roooo, Jesus is going to punish you! Roooo, Jesus is going to punish you!"
The burglar switches on his torch then asks:
- Who is speaking?
- Roooo, it's me, the parrot! Roooo, Jesus is going to punish you!
- Just a parrot then, the burglar says, relieved. And what's your name?
- Roooo, my name is Coco! Roooo, be careful, Jesus is going to punish you!
- "Coco"? That really is quite a banal name for a parrot!
- Roooo, maybe, but "Jesus" is not a banal name for a pitbull!
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