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Fabula Omnium

Gemstone healing

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9 minutes ago, toast said:

If gemstones would have healing effects, patents would have been issued for Big Pharma decades ago. But there were no related patents..


Consider jewelry. If they had any effect, then those who wore any type of gemstone shouldn't have a single heath issue whatsoever. 

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31 minutes ago, Fabula Omnium said:


I found some others *snip*  and the article you gave was a summary not the actual peer review clearly you dont know what that means 

That's not a cited peer reviewed study. It's an undergraduate thesis. If you are gonna toss that one on the rest of us, you should do so too.

It was an interesting read... and rather lacking in any study data. The author themselves noted a lack of studies in the subject, thus the thesis of noting the historical usage into modern age with the hopes of retaining what information is in the lore.

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Hi Fabula

This research sees to show some significant data and you may which to listen.:tu:


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