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Still Waters

Do dreams really reveal our deepest secrets?

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Still Waters

You jolt awake in the middle of the night, your heart pounding. It takes you a moment to realize that, no, you didn't just rush out for a job interview wearing nothing but a bath towel. 

Depending on which dream interpretation dictionary you consult, you might find that your dream reveals anxiety about work, a sense of shame or embarrassment, or perhaps even a deeply repressed inner exhibitionist. 

Given all these possibilities, is it true that dreams can reveal our deepest secrets?


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I know that in dreams I live out fantasies if I am lucid enough.
Those fantasies are definitely deep secrets haha
And in my experience yeah they have definitely been revealed.
As for meaning in dreams, there's obvious things that can be translated from your real life into your dream.

But mostly I see dreams as a story that is played out and it's fantasy.
Especially if I'm lucid then there's no deeper meaning than just me doing **** that I want to do.
It's just another world that exists that I get to visit.

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That was a great article.  I studied this when I was younger, but good information was thin and hard to find. 

One of the more interesting theories I recall reading was that dreams are disorganized (but not necessarily random) neural discharges that help refresh those sites for the next day.  

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