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Magic wands and biblical staff

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On 1/21/2020 at 6:44 AM, ocpaul20 said:

I am interested in the origins of these items because many stories of wizards/witches have some kind of wand they use to aid their magic. The Bible has accounts of people like Moses waving their staff at things and they have a 'magical' effect.

Do you think these items are some kind of tool which has an effect on our reality etc. ?

If so, then we should look into how these things were selected and used - or maybe it is just an i7tem used in the story?

What do you think? Is there anything to this?


The staff or club being used as power or a weapon traces back to early humans. Maybe even before a. afarensis branched off from the apes.

Stanley Kubrick alluded to this fact in his incredibly prescient film "2001: A Space Odyssey."

The beginning of the movie, in fact. When the apes picked up a club, killed his foe, and the symbolic club flew upwards and morphed into the monolith in space.

The symbolism of this scene is lost on many. It represents the first time in history that man learned to kill and wield power with technology.  And of course that allegory evolves into an ironic 180 degree turn when HAL (technology) rebels against man.

Just my two cents. 

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2 hours ago, ocpaul20 said:

So, it would seem there are others on here who want to discuss things without having to always give proof to the science-types. Progress has always been made by those who are pioneers and pioneers often have to throw away the science rule book to discover new things.

Fairly recently I was on a Yahoo group which believed they had found energy 'nodes' in dowels and other pieces of wood, metal, etc. When these 'wands' were of the 'correct' length, something resonated and produced a physical effect. I believe it is totally possible and maybe this is the way large blocks of stone were moved in the past. It would give a foundation to stories of 'wands'.

Ultimately I believe that everything is energy (including our physical) and we maipulate it with our (higher) consciousness. When we finally learn responsibility, to grow up and do this energy manipulation, then we become creator-gods on Earth and all our problems are gone. That wont be for a while yet though, we have to reach rock-bottom to begin an upward learning curve.

By believing we have to reach rock bottom with the paradigm you just suggested, all is energy directed by consciousness-you do realize the fate you are initiating for mankind.... right?

we possess similar beliefs, careful with your forecast.

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14 hours ago, jaylemurph said:

God help me, I may be shamefully ignorant and prone to bad jokes, but at least I never let Ayn Rand (*spits on floor*) do my talking for me...


This made me laugh!  Thank you.  I have had Ann Rand shoved up my nose a few times by ne'er do well white men who thought they were more intelligent than they were.  Quite annoying :lol:  (annoying may be my word for the day today. :P )

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