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Michigan’s second international dark sky park

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CASS COUNTY, MICH. -- A county park in southwestern Michigan has been recognized as an exemplary place for taking in the night sky.

Dr. T.K. Lawless Park in Cass County was recently designated as an International Dark Sky Park by the International Dark-Sky Association, an exceptional distinction given to locations that offer unspoiled night-sky viewing.

The 860-acre park, nine miles east of Cassopolis, is only the second park in Michigan to be honored with the distinction. In 2011, the Headlands International Dark Sky Park in Mackinaw City became the first such park in the state, and one of the first 10 international dark sky parks in the world.



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Not A Rockstar

I am so grateful to live where I do so remotely, as the light pollution is almost zero. But, not perfect. 

I love looking up at the night sky <3

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I miss the vivid Night Sky... currently living in Southern Cali, where it's light pollution everywhere.


Grew up in Minnesota... those forests... so dark, so many stars...

pretty much all of MN, north of the Twin Cities and outside Duluth is incredible for viewing the Night Wonder.


Always remark that whenever we look at the stars, we're seeing the 'past'.  Some of those stars are no longer as we see them now, having gone out long ago... and none of them are in the locations we see them... lensing effects of atmosphere and distant nebulas/bodies...


Never tire of viewing them though.  We make regular camping trips up to elevation for the really prime views.

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