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spartan max2

Lab heart muscles transplanted into a human

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spartan max2

1st time ever lab grown stem cell heart sheets transplanted into humans.

They will monitor the person for a year and try it on 9 more patients.

 With any luck the bodies won't reject the stem cells. 


On Monday, researchers from Japan's Osaka University announced the successful completion of a first-of-its-kind heart transplant.

Rather than replacing their patient's entire heart with a new organ, these researchers placed degradable sheets containing heart muscle cells onto the heart's damaged areas - and if the procedure has the desired effect, it could eventually eliminate the need for some entire heart transplants.




The researchers plan to monitor the patient for the next year, and they hope to conduct the same procedure on nine other people suffering from the same condition within the next three years.


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Oh man...totally disappointed!

I thought this might be a way I could become one with my dog...if the timing was right.  

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Good luck... 


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