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Still Waters

Charles Dickens: new documents reveal truth

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Still Waters

When Charles Dickens died, he had spectacular fame, great wealth and an adoring public. But his personal life was complicated. Separated from his wife and living in a huge country mansion in Kent, the novelist was in the thrall of his young mistress, Ellen Ternan. This is the untold story of Charles Dickens’s final hours and the furore that followed, as the great writer’s family and friends fought over his final wishes.


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A very interesting and welcome piece of historical research that shows how received history - canonical history - is often an institutionally fabricated lie. This year marks the 150th anniversary of Dicken's death and burial in Westminster Abbey. As the author, Prof. Leon Litvak, observes:

'My research demonstrates that the official, authorised accounts of the lives and deaths of the rich and famous are open to question and forensic investigation – even long after their histories have been written and accepted as canonical.' 

His new research demonstrates that a little investigative ingenuity will unearth surviving primary sources that can help to set the record straight. It's called revisionism. 

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Interesting read, thank you.

Cremation, Cremation Cremation....!

He was at his time of passing had not transcended his “passions”.

Dickens fan, but.....he didn’t Gnow. 

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