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18 Unexplained Mysteries in Physics

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Science hasn't solved everything yet. There's still plenty of work to employ our researchers.
But what is your take on the biggest problems? Do you have any solutions, explanations or theories?

The 18 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in Physics

 1. Dark Energy
What is the nature of it? Could the current methods, to measure the universal expansion rate, be inaccurate?

 2. Dark Matter
Does dark matter exist? Or do we need to re-think gravity?

 3. Time & Entropy
Why was there so little entropy, right after the big bang?

 4. Infinite Universes
Is our universe all there is, or are there countless more?

 5. Antimatter
Where is it? Where did it go?

 6. The Fate of the Universe
Big crunch, big chill or torn apart? How will it end?

 7. The Measurement Problem
Why does matter have a dual nature? Why does it "materialise" upon observation?

 8. String "Theory"
Is gravity hiding in tiny higher dimensional pockets inside particles?

 9. Fluid
Is entropy in fluid a mathematical singularity?

10. Grand Unified Theory
Can the four forces of nature be merged into one?

11. Black Holes
What happens to matter beyond the event horizon?

12. Naked Black Holes
Black holes without an event horizon. Do they exist?

13. Strong Charge-Parity Symmetry
Why are strong matter-antimatter pairs always symmetrical?

14. Sound Lightning
How can sound create sparks in water?

15. The Standard Model
Which theory will complete it?

16. Fine Tuned Universe
Why are the dimensionless constants as they are? Just right for stars and life.

17. Gravity
Where is the graviton? Or is it not a particle?

18. False Vacuum
Will our universe be "absorbed" by a false vacuum? Is it how it started?

Source: https://www.livescience.com/34052-unsolved-mysteries-physics.html
...where you can find elaborated descriptions of the issues.

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